Green Ship Recycling

Ship Recycling Facility Plan Preparation : In line with meeting the needs of Guidelines set in Hong Kong Convention for Safe and Environmentally sound recycling of Ships IMO Resolution MEPC 210 ( 63 ) 2012.

Ship Specific Recycling Plan (SRP) Preparation for Ship Recyclers : For meeting the needs of Ship Recyclers for Identification, safe management of hazardous materials and preparation of ship recycling plans acc. To the requirements of “Hong Kong Convention” IMO Resolution MEPC 196 (62) “2011”

Daily, Weekly & Monthly comprehensive report : on ship recycling as per requirement of HKC, and Major Shipping lines.

Environmental Approach / Policy : for management of Hazardous Material as per Inventory of Hazardous Material (IHM) in line with IMO resolution MEPC 269 (68) “2015” & all local and national requirements of specific country.